Tennessee Voulunteer fan "bullied" gets last laugh


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Ok, this cute story has made it's rounds the past week and is obviously getting alot of attention because it hits today's hot buttons.

In summary, this 4th grade boy had a dress up day where you could wear the colors of your favorite team. The kid lives in Florida, but is a big Tennessee Volunteer fan. Not being able to find and get a Tennessean shirt, he makes his own. So he goes to school and at lunch, some girls, I repeat girls, at the next table made fun about it. He was devastated, was crying in his school room later. His teacher got involved, she contacted the U of Tennessee, told them the story and asked if they could send a care packet of other UT items. Ok, cool, nice.
And here is where it gets extreme. Someone at UT figured this could turn into a great marketing opportunity. So it got to the media. Now instead of "made fun of" and "teased" we now have bullied. The school took the kids design and mass produced shirts, jamming the schools website and making money they were going to donate a portion to for and anti-bullying campaign. And now, the kid has been offered a 4 year scholarship to go to Tennessee for college???

This is where it just went way off the rails. One of our biggest issues today with kids is their ability to adapt and cope. I don't know a thing about this kid. And all this may had been just some good natured teasing. The boy may tease people in other situations but we never know that. My point is we just proliferate a culture of kids not being able to handle themselves. Now this boy shouldn't have smacked one of the girls or anything like that. But are you kidding me? A boy who's what 9-10 years old, gets a little teasing from some girls in the lunchroom and he falls apart? Look, 40-50 years ago in school everyone got teased to a certain degree. It's part of growing up. Now there are levels it should never get to but you can't have a culture where people can't handle adversity.


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