Super team

Wernery and Cowen are locks. Surely Reutelshofer and Lonneman deserve a shout? Brad Buller has to be the student manager of this super team.
The only sure starters I would have are

S: Cowen
OPP: Clarke
OH: Bretl
L: Mikesch

After that it would be a toss-up for the last spots

Two middles between Bruggemann, Schindler, Yates, and Mancz

One more outside between Wernery, Harrison, Bowling, and Piazza
At this point in the season I would take:

S: Cowen
L: Mikesch
OH: Wernery
OH: Bowling
OPP: Clarke
M: Bruggemann
M: Schindler

If there was a defensive specialist on the team I think it would be Jonny Rickert
I think Bowling is an all around pin hitter because he hits both right side and outside, just on different rotations. Darby might have changed their line-up since the last time I saw them though so I'm not 100% sure.
In my opinion Clarke is a better OPP than OH. When he was playing on Vanguard 18 with Eichel, Rhoades, Feltz, etc. and he hit OPP, Clarke was a stud. That's where I would put him on this "super team".

Fair point about Wernery being better all around ads. Bretl is the top offensive threat at OH this year in Ohio in my opinion even though his defense and serve leave quite a bit to be desired
Clarke did play better on the right, but he had less on his plate with Feltz and Rhodes on the other pin. He had more on his plate with needing to be the best player on the team this year, playing outside.