Super Halftime Show Headliner Revealed


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Ive heard of them, I think.

Will likely watch and tune to something else during half but i imagine this selection has more to do with getting those whom likely wouldnt be watching the game to tune in.


Never heard of him. Does not matter, I use halftime to go to the kitchen and grab something to eat and drink...


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They'll turn it into a distracting (mask wearing) extravaganza that obliterates the show as they do every year. Only thing that changes is the number of bodies rubbing up against each other and celebrity cameos to be inclusive, continually increases.

tom 48

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You want to get a record number of viewers for the Super Bowl halftime? Book BTS.

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Anybody catch the American Music Awards? The Weekend decided he is bringing up a certain look for his current album cycle>

He is not hurt or anything, just rocking a certain attitude.


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Well, he says that "Blue Lives Murder" and he's punched a cop, but mere street cred is not enough. Still needs to have some redeeming cleavage and junk-shaking on stage for him to put on a SB-worthy show that the first-graders can enjoy. Don't touch that dial.