Stunning game-ending triple play gives Unionville-Sebewaing state title (Michigan)


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Saw that on ESPN.

Can you imagine the range of emotions on both sides? The "Uh Oh" feeling of the team that was ahead, and the 'hell yeah" of the team that was behind when they get the tying runs on with no outs. have it richochet off the pitcher WOW.

Our HS baseball team had something close to that in the finals a few weeks ago. Up 1, tying run on second, and a line drive to the pitcher who then doubles off the tying run at second!


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Looking at how far they shifted the centerfielder, that hit likely scores the runner from first base to tie up the game in the pitcher doesn't get hit by the ball.

Really was a crazy play and pretty cool that they had such a large crowd to make the place go nuts.