Streaming Services

thought this might be a good place to list where you can stream recent movies online for free (with subscription)

Cocaine Bear is on Peacock TV

Air is currently on Prime Video

Dungeons & Dragons just landed on Paramount +

Scream 6 is also available on Paramount+

Antman & the Wasp: Quantumania is now on Disney+

Avatar: Way of Water hits Disney+ on June 8th.

Top Gun: Maverick is on both Prime Video and Paramount+

Till is on Prime Video

A Man Called Otto is on Netflix

Emily the Criminal is on Netflix

The Woman King is on Netflix

Ticket to Paradise is on Prime Video

HBO Max: Amsterdam, Don't Worry Darling, Black Adam, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Elvis, The Banshees of Inisherin, The Menu

Side note: All of the Bond movies are on Prime Video

Some of these services have better deals on Black Friday. I got Peacock for $1 or $2 per month for an entire year. I think Hulu usually does something similar.
Some of these services have better deals on Black Friday. I got Peacock for $1 or $2 per month for an entire year. I think Hulu usually does something similar.

I jumped on that Peacock deal in order to watch Live PD (On Patrol Live) and that is well worth it by itself.

I'm going get the AMC+ for $1.99 a month for 2 months..... and then drop it to see if Shudder will have another great deal during Halloween.....
Man I must have had bad luck because when 1883 came out we tried the free trial for Paramount+ and the show would buffer every 30 seconds. No issue with any other streaming sites services and we pay for 200 mbps although I’m sure we get less than that.
Had the same issue when using an older firestick. Bought a new firestick, problem went away.
I canceled direct TV end of February Then, Att billed me for direct again in March, I was told to only pay the internet part of the bill, Direct needed to tally up account balance and get their equipment back, For the final bill, The end of March, I received a master card rebate from DirecTV, So I go to pay internet in April, the DirecTV part was still on the att bill, with a late fee added on. Only pay the internet part again, The late fee would be waived also, So I go to pay, May's internet part, The at&t bill still has not been corrected, it will be sent up to someone who has a higher pay grade, I have yet to pay June bill to know if corrected,
I'm thinking At&t, has no intention to correct the account, & if I not pay. Att will turn it over to credit as no pay, Hitting my credit score.
Anyhow, When I dropped DirecTV,
I got an antenna, That brings in all the Cleveland channels but ABC's, Then with all the apps that come on a smart television, I wish i cut the cord sooner. I did pick up youtube tv , but for the most part, I watch, a lot of the local antenna channels that's attached to channel 3, like channel 3.4 quest tv. or I'm on Tubi tv.
DirecTV customer service went downhill alot in the last few years. The final year I had them, I got the Sunday NFL Ticket for free (even had the confirming email to prove it, which I'm glad I saved). They billed me every month for 6 months for the Ticket...and every month I would have to call them and explain the sitution. It got old real quick. Luckily I didn't have many issues when I returned my equipment, other than the lady said I only had 2 receivers, when in actuality I had 4 of them.
I got rid of Netflix last year. And so far this year I've paired down some giving up HBO Max (before the switch) and currently have just Amazon, Disney Bundle, Peacock (free), and Paramount+. I might get Max in the future as there was a lot on it that I did watch. But I seemed to run out of new things to see so it was unwatched for quite a while so it was easy to give up as the most expensive.

There's also a lot of stuff on Roku and Tubi that may require some ads (usually a block of ads prior to the movie but then nothing throughout the entire movie that you can just ignore for a few minutes). Being free is nice.

Amazon is getting annoying that almost everything it recommends is to purchase. Even when I changed settings to only show me things I have included with Prime. Not sure why it's been doing that.

One thing I like is Roku's search lets you pick any movie and it shows you which streaming services it is on and how much if it's not free.
We watch very little TV--most of the year just the local CBS and NBC channels for local news at 5Pm and 11PM. Occasionally we'll turn on Fox or CNN, but not very often. During football season we watch the NFL games and BTN. We currently have Hulu live, now up to $65 per month, through Roku. It seems high for watching an hour of TV per day most of the year. Any suggestions on how to lower that price and still have the channels mentioned? Keep in mind that you're dealing with a clueless electronics individual.