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I have not heard about the assistant filling the positions but I have heard that Felix left because he just could not recover from the loses he took with the tornado. Heard he was battling to try and just complete this year but it became to overwhelming. I get it. Let's back of from the "Only in Dayton Comment" above and look at the what's real. There are still a lot of folks that are struggling with the day to day after May 27. A HS bball coach should not be excluded from the empathy of that devastation. Good Luck Felix, hope you can bounce back. Good guy.


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He was Thurgood's first coach when they had Staten and Gainey. Lost to St.V in state final in 09 and he's taught in DPS for over 20 years.
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Zezzo should do a better job getting his information because Coach Ralph is NOT the Stivers coach lol...