State Tournament


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Looks like an all Cincinnati final in D1. Cin. St. Ursula defeated Fitch, and St. Ursuline defeated Tol. St. Ursula 15-11, 15-9. The D1 State Champion will once again be a Girls Greater Cincinnati League team. This makes 4 years in a row for the GGCL.
State Championship Results:

In D1, Cincinnati St. Ursula defeated Cincinnati Ursuline 15-12, 10-15, 15-11.

In D2, Cincinnati Roger Bacon defeated Galion 15-8, 15-5.

Congrats to both teams, both members of the Girls Greater Cincinnati League.

Two Cinci teams??? How come?

Just do two teams from the same city qualify to compete against one another for the state championship?? Why didn't they meet in a district or regional competition? Seems like there should be only one team from each region of the state represented in the state finals. Anyone care to explain....PLEASE!!!!!!
With the number of schools in columbus and cincy, teams get separated and often into two separate regions. This is how this happens, especially at the Division I level. NE and SE Ohio are all one large region. Cincy/Dayton/Columbus split up into weird regions which allow for that to happen.