State Poll #2


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Should be fun down the stretch! MND looks great. Ursula is coming on strong. West will be a factor and Seton will be a tough out for anyone in D1.
After the Mason loss, I still thought the region was Lakota West's to lose. After a 5-0 loss to MND, it's nearly impossible to argue that anyone but MND is in the driver's seat. That being said, I could see either Lakota West, MND, Loveland, or Mason coming out of the region. Will be fun to watch it play out.


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I can't explain the Lehman and Milton Union game. The 'Ville could have beaten Milton-Union 13-0 or worse. But I don't think you can take a lot away from Summit with a Lehman tie. Great teams find a way to win (or at least not lose) and they do that. I know Summit has at least one skill position injury. If I were voting I would have them top 3.

MND should be hands down number 1 in the state for D1. Can;t see how Loveland and Mason are not top 5 D1.

Alter, Summit and Monroe should be top 5 D2

Waynesville should be number 1 D3 now that CCD has 2 ties and the Ville has dominated all games.. CCD should be #2 and Mariemont #3. Find out soon enough.
Valley View is ahead of MONROE IN THE swbl AND HAS A HEaD TO HEAD WIN OVER THEM. sorry, caps were accidental.


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Not to take anything away from VV, but didn’t Monroe’s goalie give them a gift right in front of the goal? Two good teams who get to play a second match.
I am sorry light years. I do not know. I have seen both though and me ey test would favor monroe in the next matchup