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Here is a list of current streaks of consecutive top 10 finishes at the state championship. I do not claim this is the best way to gauge success but it does show consistency year after year without a single hiccup. There are 20 newcomers to the lists across all divisions. 2018 boys D2 leader Lexington fell from the list as did the top 3 D1 girls teams Olentangy Liberty & Centerville, with Granville moving to the D2 list. Minster’s girls have now made it 20 years without one slip from the top 10 and most of their 20 are top 3 finishes. That is exceptional dominance.

Division 1 Boys active streaks of top 10 finishes Solon=1, Kenston=1, Beavercreek=1, Gahanna Lincoln=2, Mason=3, Pickerington North=3, Hilliard Davidson=4, Hudson=5, St. Xavier=11, St. Ignatius=13.

Division 2 Boys active streaks of top 10 finishes Defiance=1, Carroll=1, Waynesville=1, Poland=1, West Liberty Salem=1, SVSM=3, Unioto=3, Heath=4, Bay=5, Woodridge=5.

Division 3 Boys active streaks of top 10 finishes Cedarville=1, Anna=1, Botkins=1, Fredericktown=2, New London=2, East Canton=3, MacDonald=3, Mt. Gilead=4, Sum. Country Day=4, Lee. Fairfield=5.

Division 1 Girls active streaks of top 10 finishes Loveland=1, Springboro=1, Cleveland St. Joseph=1, Massillon Jackson=1, Medina=2, Mason=2, Hudson=3, Hilliard Davidson=3, Lakota East=3, Beavercreek=4.

Division 2 Girls active streaks of top 10 finishes Tallmadge=1, Oakwood=1, Poland=1, Woodridge=1, Beaumont=2, Ontario=2, Tippecanoe=7, Lexington=8, Granville=11, SVSM=12.

Division 3 Girls active streaks of top 10 finishes Maplewood=1, Centerburg=2, Liberty Center=2, Mt. Gilead=3, Fort Loramie=3, Archbold=3, West Liberty Salem=3, Gilmour Academy=4, McDonald=6, Minster=20.


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In the last 16 years, Woodridge boys have only missed top 10 once. 2014. Now, I'll argue that 2014 might be one of the biggest over achieving years they have ever had. That was a fantastic finish for that team. Woodridge has averaged 3.375 over that time. 9 state championships. Minster girls are unreal and It will take something to come close to that. Here is something you need to keep in mind. In 2010 Woodridge had won it's 5th in a row. It wasn't even fun for those kids. It was just a "don't mess it up" mentality. I hope those kids later on enjoyed it, but at the time, they were not very happy. It's beyond that now. These kids don't feel the pressure of 16 straight state races. The first 6 or 7 years, those kids started too feel a lot more pressure than they needed to. They had teammates on the first 2 or 3, so it was passed on to them of the importance of keeping it going. Woodridge and Minster and Maplewood and McDonald are all well past that, but for some of the other teams that are just starting a run, it's tough to get past.


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Not surprised by Minster. They've been a force in track & field since the inception of the girls' state tournament in 1975.

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I'm curious. Anyone know what Centerville's streak was prior to this year?
Centerville girls placed 12th in 2011. They were 4th or better every year from 2012-2018, so that was a 7-year streak which included 4 state titles and 2 runner-ups.
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Minster girls are the model of consistency, I wanted to see how the last 10 years stacked up between Liberty Center and Minster.

2010 LC 2 Min 1
2011 LC 1 Min 8
2012 LC 1 Min 5
2013 LC 1 Min 5
2014 LC 5 Min 2
2015 LC 4 Min 2
2016 LC 19 Min 1
2017 LC 12 Min 1
2018 LC 5 Min 1
2019 LC 4 Min 1

Minster certainly has the edge, the rivalry should continue as I believe both teams only graduated 1 senior contributor and Liberty Center MS girls won the class C Invitational meet.