St. Francis 24, Whitmer 0

They were the better team last night for sure , but will have to play better on Thursday than they did last night in order to beat UN and advance .

Last time a team from below Findlay won a game in the frozen four...1979, when Centerville won their title. It's going to happen at some point...probably soon...but it's been a long time.
Last time a team from below Findlay won a game in the frozen four...1979, when Centerville won their title. It's going to happen at some point...probably soon...but it's been a long time.

I'll agree that playing the team from the south is no longer an easy win, but it still isn't likely for quite a while to see a southern team in the title game or winning it. Isn't the rotation next year NWO vs Columbus, and Brooklyn vs Kent for the frozen four match ups
Those semifinal games have gotten significantly more competitive when they used to be extremely lopsided.

Dublin Jerome had a respectable 2-0 loss to St. Edward last year, St. Charles was decent in a 3-1 loss to Sylvania Northview in 2014, and Olentangy Liberty lost to Northview 4-2 in 2013.

That's a lot better than the 6-0 blowouts like Olentangy Orange had against Northview in 2012. Even then, Northview had to be pretty darn good to beat St. Edward 5-2 in the final that year.

I think a Columbus team will get to the finals relatively soon, but it take a bit longer to finally get a champ. It will probably take a relatively down year elsewhere for a Columbus team to finally win one.

It is particularly noteworthy that Dayton/Cincinnati hockey has basically fallen apart. They haven't had anyone in the Final Four since 2009, and they haven't been particularly competitive in just the Columbus regional tournament since 2010.
you look through the history , the games going back to the early 2000's were not as competitive, the shots on goal were also lopsided usually in the 2-1 range.

The year Olentangy Orange went Jerome was the best team that year , lost an overtime game to them where they were very unlucky 4-5 posts , bad puck luck in the OT'S . ?, Jerome had a huge margin in puck possession, territorial and shots on net, Orange goalie was phenomenal . they got trounced as FW pointed out 6-0 and not only that got outshot 37-10. Nolo Contendere.

2007 and 2008 saw the Southwest have their last reps in the Final four, 2008 ST X stayed close 4-2 but was outplayed by a significant margin, , the next year and the last year a team from the SW made it to the FF Centerville got routed 7-0 .

It must be noted that Upper Arlington had a nice two year run makig it in in 2006 and 2007 , losing 9-4 in 2006, a game that saw them come out shaky giving up 5 goals in the first and then playing relatively even the rest of the way, and a very good effort losing 3-2 the next year.

the Aforementioned SW teams lost in in 2008 and 2009. Coffman made it for the first time in 2010 and played a reasonably competitive game for two periods in a game I attended down 2-0 after two , Sylvania was definitely the better team but not by a huge margin but again the Columbus district was shut out for the second consecutive year after C-Ville got routed 7-0 in 2009 Coffman went down 4-0. That made only two goals in three years for the C-Bus champs{ 2008-2010}.

Liberty got pounded 9-4 as they got rout out in the 3rd period in 2011 , which is a real problem for some Columbus teams as the teams up North and the and the catholics always have more depth and the third periods can be difficult for the team with less depth.

The hockey is better now in the Central region, going down in the SW, but I agree winning it all is a tall order as there are simply more hockey players in the North no getting around it more of a hockey culture and the privates and catholics have big advantages in this sport as they have in many if not most sports.

Lets hope the Rocks are competitive and that the Central teams can get to a final sooner than later.
If you're upset with blowout scores, you're the problem with America today. It isn't the winning team's job to not play. If you don't want to get blown out, stop them from scoring.
Yes the original thread was about 24-0 , but your take about what is wrong with America is misplaced here anyway. That score is more a product of a team that didn'[t belong in the same tournament as this one that's all , there are ways a team may be can take it easier on the other team I guess in many cases in many sports the first round of tournament games see these types of total mismatches .

IN other words these games probably have little to no place in the tourney really IMO. You9 see first rou9nd basketball games end 100- 16 75- 15 and the like, so the question isn't which team's responsibility it is to either score more or not score or stop from scoring but rather WHY IS THIS GAME BEING PLAYED AT ALL ?

For example I have followed the Coffman girl's in the soccer tournament the last few years with my daughter being on the team that first tournament game is totally unnecessary, in other words I feel there should be some cut-off in terms of who plays in the tourney like many states have in al sports.

Coffman has capped the goal total at about 11 and the way they keep it from getting ridiculous is to take players off the field , they start with 11 score a few and go to 10 players, the second half is pretty much all varsity back-ups and JV players who may have been added for the tournament and they have ended the game with 8 players on the field .

Not saying that's what all team should do , but some of these round one games in every sport are kind of silly events that don't need to be played IMO. The teams that get hammered pretty much expect and know what will happen so no big deal and the superior team's coaches just don't want anyone to get hurt the outcome is pre-determined .

24-0 is ridiculous, didn't have to happen but any consternation over it is not an example of what's wrong with America certainly , it's simply a system that ahs this flaw in terms of top seeded teams first games in some sports playing games against teams it shouldn't be playing a game that both teams get nothing out of really. My thought is to just take away that first layer of the tournament draw a line that doesn't let a 3-20 team enterence into the tourney in the first place , never mind matching it up with a really good team like leading the sheep to slaughter
Yeah, it's definitely what's wrong with America. People are bashing St. Francis. It isn't St. Francis' fault the game was played. They played their way to their correct seed. Should they have just showed up to not hurt all your feelings? Grow up.
I AM Sure no one on this forum on this thread's feelings were hurt as well as the Whitmer kids themselves who surely knew beforehand how much better St Franny's was, and no one suggested they don't show up to play either, may be could have scored a few less goals may be I think was all anyone said along with the absurdity of such a match-up being played that much you can agree with can't you? Not to spare anyone's feelings but rather what's the point of such a game , Farce and unnecessary are words that come to mind a waste of everyone's time when the teams are so dissimilar in ability.

So what is the " IT whe you say what's wrong with America ? I mean the gap between the have 's and the have not's has never been wider has it ? Isn' t that the way you like it and underscores the difference just like ST Franny's 24 Whitmer 0 ? ? So why the anger , things are just the way you would like it seems, or is it just the suggestion that may be it that it didn't have to be that way that makes you angry and tel us this is a major problem with this country is what Whining over taking a beating or having their wages remain stagnant for 15 years while the top gets raises every 6 months ? . Is that the whining or wishing or thinking things could be different you refer to ?

Not sure what IT is , but anyway good luck to St Francois and the boys down in C-Bus they seem to have a real great shot at skating around with the Title Plaque at Nationwide.
Was disappointed in the writer's choice of words also. Takes away from what was obviously a ready to go St I team IMO. Takes nothing in my mind away from the great year by the Frannies and Toledo High School hockey in general but if they are going to have the measure of their eventual state competition, local teams probably need to add a bit of traveling.

Would be great to see some of those Cleveland teams come here. Didn't BG and Clay once put 4000 butts in the seats? I would imagine a top local playing a top Cleveland could do a good job filling BG's rink, or heck, clear a spot on the lake ice and put the game in the Bay like it's meant to be done.

Good luck to St I last game. Beat those preppies. lol.
Was disappointed in the writer's choice of words also. Takes away from what was obviously a ready to go St I team IMO. Takes nothing in my mind away from the great year by the Frannies and Toledo High School hockey in general but if they are going to have the measure of their eventual state competition, local teams probably need to add a bit of traveling.

Would be great to see some of those Cleveland teams come here. Didn't BG and Clay once put 4000 butts in the seats? I would imagine a top local playing a top Cleveland could do a good job filling BG's rink, or heck, clear a spot on the lake ice and put the game in the Bay like it's meant to be done.

Good luck to St I last game. Beat those preppies. lol.

There's more games between NEO and NWO than you think. This year, Ignatius had three vs. NWO, Ed's had four and US had six. They all played St. Francis; SF won all three by a combined 16-3.

I know a lot of hockey dads and they all say that, in one game, the better team doesn't always win. Not saying that Ignatius wasn't the better team (who knows), but it's a sport that's can be affected by the odd bounces of a puck.
Bounces badly for both teams and occasionally a spectator. I thought the writer's phrasing unfortunate and possibly a bit pandering. Perhaps too quick to judge...

nope, I'm right.
Writers have bias no question. Some of the guys covering high school hockey really don't know the game , just an assignment they have to do.

If you listened to Lacroix and the writers covering the Coffman -US game you would have gotten the impression that all Coffman had was a goalie who stood on his head .

Not true , the shot totals got lopsided later on and in the third period especially US kept a ton of pucks in Coffman's end at the point and threw them toward the net over and over again , Goalie who played really well simply steered them into the corenr over and over again piking up the shot totals, forwards were also keeping puck sin well in between the top of the circle and the Blue line and repaeadedly throwing them to the net as well some easy high glove saves with no chance of going in .

US as most private catholics in high school hockey in most states are going to have more skilled kids than the average public school team has it's as basic as other sports where the privates win most of the titles, just the way it is and was the case in this game as well. US was the better team and got the win but the coverage suggests they weren't pushed as much as they were the second period in particular Coffman was the better team actually.

Powell made three great saves in the third and overtime and a few run of the mill ones , played great but Coffman had many chances during the game as well that they didn't cash in . Lacroix basically explained the game as his team being vastly superior should have won much earlier and if not for the goalie his team romps was his tone. Not the game I Saw , his team was better more skilled certainly as was expected but got outplayed in the second period got outhit by a large margin { His kids really don'; finish checks or initiate any contact to speak of and Coffman was the only team who really made any noise in the physical part of the game }

Good luck to them tonight , it was a great goal bang bang goal in OT , Coffman had a great season came in third in their own league and gave this team all they could handle, it was a closer game than Lacroix or the writers{ who actually described a play as a two on one BREAKWAY which shows their lack of hockey acumen right there along with a few other" TELLS which showed they don't even have the lingo down}} , tell .

Coffman literally came within a millimeter of ending the game in the first overtime and had 3 chances in the first few minutes carrying the play. US has great history is here many many years, obviously have skill and good players from the Cleveland area and can skate, my point is the game was not just a US shooting gallery for over 50 minutes as was kind of described as such . Lacroix may want to have his kids finish a check in this game or you get routed most likely your talk of only the goalie was not an accurate portrayal of the action over 50 + minutes
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Interesting Karma angle, on this thread. Aside from the one blowhard who insists people whining about vicious beatings or being taken advantage of { Symbol of CEO'S gorging themselves with more and more pie as their minions make the same salary for a decade } is what's wrong with this country , everyone else is of the same mindset here, which was there was probably a way to NOT SCORE 24 goals with a running clock .

Given their talent level and potential state champion team and all their great play this year, it seems that ST Francois al bad bounces aside { nice excuse by the way } LAID A BRONATASAURUS SIZED EGG never was in the game basically getting down 3-0 earlier on , game set match winner IGGY .

hmmm Didn't score until the game was OVEAHHHHH, not exactly rising to the occasion , this game was supposed to be the de facto title game, lets see if US can do better than the game being basically over after the first period tonight . Good Luck US , WE'LL BE PULLING FOR YOU finish some checks and take the body, Iggy IS BETTER THAN YOU , you need to be more physical or they outscore you .

the Legions out HERE say Good riddance to ST Franny , Karma is well you know a BI*&^CH
No I don't think the "Legions" are saying "good riddance." No one claimed St. Francis had a history of this, just wondering how that particular game got away. Catfan clearly stated St. Francis had played and won all three in season games against NEO teams at a combined score of 16-3 but nowhere claimed it was a "running up" of score, a cheat or made any other claim of poor sportmanship. It wasn't St Francis that wrote the article.

Your issues seemed to be sourced in other areas. You distance Coffman from the private schools by recruitment but except for University, it is unlikely that any of the contenders have near the economics of Dublin. Your school is a couple blocks from a Ferrari dealership for criminies sake.

It is good that Central Ohio is finding themselves competitive but it's not the inner city Columbus that we're talking about. It's the rather well to do burbs. You're not at any serious disadvantage. Toledo is putting as many competitive teams into the fray as Cleveland (and Columbus) with a fifth or sixth of the population. These aren't "poor" kids but they're still kids frequently triaged out of ponds, rivers and out-door rinks.

I think hockey being a sport that generally has a high economic commitment, we can save most of the "advantage" arguments for the basketball and football forums. The kids on the most successful hockey teams throughout the state are probably not that divergent.
No issues and I didn't mention economics at all which is confusing as to why you went there if you were replying to my post .

Are you saying the Privates and Catholics ini hockey don't have any inherent talent advantage in the sport of Ohio High school hockey merely by being able to have kids come from a wider talent base ? There is no debate the Privates win the vast majority of titles in Hockey the last 15-20 years, Coffman draws from about 5-6 sub divisions in one city , I am quite Sure University school has kids from AT LEAST 5-6 DIFFERENT CITIES IF NOT MORE obvious that there is a greater chance of having more skill .

Soccer in the last 2 years boys and girls action , the privates/ Catholics are 12-0 in title games sometimes playing another private team in the final , like in Hockey these soccer teams because they have the ability to draw talented kids from an area of greater than one part of one city they are going to have more talent most almost all the time at the state level of competition .

Hockey is the same thing, that's what I was saying and I said it briefly at that, your reply wasn't to what I said at all really . Of course Hockey is a sport that cost some dough to participate in no question ice time isn't cheap .

And yes the more economically advantaged public school teams tend to have better hockey teams than the more " Middle class or lower class based programs" but that has nothing to do with the fact that the University Schools ST ED'S , IGGY'S , Parma Padua , Toledo St Johns and Toledo St Francois , have won and appeared in the most frozen fours.

Yes some public schools in the North have won some titles and lost in the finals as well but to say there is no advantage year in and year out in the talent department with the Cathoics is a very naïve obtuse thought .

Similar to soccer , the larger geographic region you draw from the more talent you have , doesn't mean you don't have to work at it or be committed but if that commitment is equal the privates win most of the time with that talent advantage .

Simple concept , good club soccer teams ,AAU basketball teams , AAU Volleyball teams are made up of kids from many high schools and districts, as are many Catholics and privates in Ohio High school sports are , advantages are obvious over a team that is restricted to making up[ a team of kids who all live within a certain much smaller area in one part of one city .

So you too my one sentence of " Privates tend to be more skilled and have more individual talent than publics in certain sports, { In this case hockey and Coffman vs US } and changed the subject to " WELL DUBLIN IS RICH SO THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE FOR A PRIVATE , ridiculous sorry it's a bad take , meant nothing to what I said and is irrelevant to the argument , bigger drawing areas and less restrictions = more talent and skill .

And no open enrollment crap PLEASE Coffman HAS ZERO KIDS WHO LIVE OUTSIDE THE COFFMAN ENROLLMENT AREA, no kids coming in from any other community at all .

As for the good riddance, it was more a lighter hearted thing , not malicious , but 24-0 ? No need for that really not a terrible evil thing but kind of classless at best IMO.
14 out of the last 17 Years titles won by Private /Catholic's in hockey , you are right no obvious advantage in terms of having more good hockey players there. Kind of like Soccer , just a coincidence that they win EVERY TITLE GAME the last two years in al three divisions both boys and girls , nothing to do with being able to get talented kids from many areas and communities at all , just a funny quirk is all MY BAD SORRY
Well, Coffman came pretty close to Columbus' first finalist, and it's also notable they came close to beating a team that was very competitive in the state final as well. So, it wasn't just a matter of playing well against a team that got blown out in the final, which is encouraging.

I can't help but wonder if St. Charles hadn't been upset by Upper Arlington. Would they have been able to get "over the hump" against University School to make it to the final?
Probably not they were not playing the best of al the teams in the last month of the season, peaked a little earlier , were not the consensus best team at the end of the year, UA beat them 2-0 then 7-6 that Semi , so At the end of the season ST CHuck's was not the clear strongest team, they did beat Coffman 3-1 but besides that game Coffman was playing the better hockey overall the last month Coffman ended up winning 11 out of 12 to reach the frozen four so they were the hottest team playing the best at that time .

That isn't to say that ST Charles wasn't very capable of beating Coffman again if they got by UA, but they laid an egg and weren't that good against UA got down large early and was down 5-2 after two , so to me having seen ST Chucks the last few weeks paly twice they were not the strongest CO team at the end UA and Coffman and Jerome as well were just as good .

Coffman had the best goalie and a very experienced tough minded team and peaked late which is always preferable .