St. Edward Hockey 2019-2020


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It will take a few years, but I believe the new HC and his staff will have the Eagles returning to contend in 4-5 years.

Go Eagles!


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Eagles off to a 3-1 start following the Cold Turkey Shootout in Toledo where they took 3rd place. Wins over BG, Northview, and split with St. Francis.
Is the St. Edward Athletic Department planning on eventually going the PREP route like Saint Ignatius? It’s has its advantages in retaining student players who would otherwise play on a club team to get more looks from scouts and recruiters. Only problem is the schedule requires you to be on the road way more than home. I’m surprised that Eds has not done this already to keep up with the Wildcats.


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I doubt it. The expense alone is something that would deter going that route. Hiring a new coach was a step and I'm sure in that process they were going to see what his long term vision was, part of that would be how you compete with and beat St. Ignatius, win state championships and continue to have a healthy hockey program. Huge win for the Eagles last night, 4-2 against Holy Name.