St. Edward 2013-2014


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First year in the Great Lakes Hockey League. If they don't set it up for the GLHL teams, I am going to miss, the best high school hockey site around.

The Schedule:
11/22 7:50PM @ Gilmour Academy (GLHL)
11/23 7:00PM vs. Lake Catholic (GLHL)
11/29 3:00PM vs. Appleby College @ Upper Canada College Tournament
11/29 8:00PM vs. Burnaby College @ Upper Canada College Tournament
11/30 12:30PM vs. Upper Canada College @ Upper Canada College Tournament
12/1 TBD @ Upper Canada College Tournament
12/6 7:15PM vs. Upper St. Clair @ Jamestown (NY) Invitational
12/7 10:30AM vs. Hillfield Strathallen @ Jamestown (NY) Invitational
12/7 5:30PM vs. Starpoint @ Jamestown (NY) Invitational
12/8 TBD @ Jamestown (NY) Invitational
12/13 @ University School (GLHL)
12/20 6:00PM vs. Sylvania Northview @ Padua Holiday Tournament @ Strongsville IceLand
12/21 10:00AM vs. Findlay @ Padua Holiday Tournament @ Strongsville IceLand
12/21 5:00PM vs. Toledo St. John's @ Padua Holiday Tournament @ Strongsville IceLand
12/22 TBD @ Padua Holiday Tournament @ Strongsville IceLand
12/27 4:40PM vs. Dublin Coffman @ Eagle Classic Tournament @ Winterhurst
12/28 10:10AM vs. Upper Arlington @ Eagle Classic Tournament @ Winterhurst
12/28 6:20PM vs. Shaker Heights @ Eagle Classic Tournament @ Winterhurst
12/29 TBD @ Eagle Classic Tournament @ Winterhurst
1/3 7:00PM @ Padua @ Iceland (GLHL)
1/4 7:00PM vs. St. Ignatius (GLHL)
1/11 5:45PM @ Walsh Jesuit @ KSU (GLHL)
1/17 TBD @ Meadville Tournament
1/18 TBD @ Meadville Tournament
1/18 TBD @ Meadville Tournament
1/19 TBD @ Meadville Tournament
1/24 8:00PM @ St. Ignatius @ Brooklyn (GLHL)
1/25 7:00PM vs. University School (GLHL)
1/31 6:00PM vs. Holy Name (GLHL)
2/1 7:00PM vs. Gilmour Academy (GLHL)
2/7 TBD @ GLHL Tournament @ IceLand
2/8 TBD @ GLHL Tournament @ IceLand
2/9 TBD @ GLHL Tournament @ IceLand


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Norm Weber's preview:

St. Edward’s hockey team is set to open the new season Thanksgiving Weekend and is braced for the new Great Lakes Hockey League, a loop comprised of all private schools from the Greater Cleveland area for now.

“We are looking forward to challenging for this year’s first GLHL league title,” said St. Ed’s Head Coach Troy Gray. “With our eagles returning some very significant players, that is not out of the realm of a possibility. This will be the first year for the new league to be concluded in a league championship in its first year.”

Up until this season, the Eagles were a part of the Greater Cleveland High School Hockey League.

St. Ed’s lost 10 seniors from last season, but returns 4 senior players on offense and three returning defensemen in Ian Corrigan, Trevor Lewandoski and Alex Sabitsch.

Returning on offense are Tyler Harkins (the team’s leading goal scorer), Todd price, three-year varsity player Andrew Zirneskie, and Jake Wendell.

The JV team, better known as the varsity Green team, won the state JV title last year and will move up student-athletes who will be a big aid to the varsity Gold team.

The top scores on the JV team last year were Collin Mitchell, Colin McGreal, and Brendan McCaan. Joe Tada and William Armbruster will also be looking for significant ice time.

Jordan Hoy spent the last half of the year skating with the varsity, and newcomers Anthonly Sudetic, Sean Steckle, and Chance Maxwell will be challenging for ice time

The Eagles lost goalie Justyn Gillis to juniors in Detroit but are in very good hands with sophomore Warren Hill, who was the starting junior varsity goalie in every Green team game last year, leading his team to an Ohio JV championship.

Michael Duffy, Nate Ward, A.J. Gonella, and Kevin DeChant will all be battling for ice time at the blue line.


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They usually take their lumps at that Canadian tourney. Last years goalie is now competing in juniors, but I believe we return a solid core from last year, including lead scorer Tyler Harkins. Hopefully they get it together and are ready to go come tourney time (which is typically the case).


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Jamestown Invitational Scores:

SE 3, Upper Saint Claire 2
SE 3, Hillfield Prep 1
SE 1, Starpoint 4
SE 1, Culver Military Academy 0
SE 2, University School 3


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Eagles had another productive weekend at a big tournament, coming in second at the Padua Holiday tourney. Lost to Toledo St. John's 3-1 in the championship.


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He is not, the story I heard was he practiced with a Junior team and that's against OHSAA rules, so he could not return or the team would forfeit every game he played in.


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Our first goal was filthy. You know that you can always count on a good, hard fought game when US and Eds play.


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Haven't gotten a good feel for who's the team to beat in the Cleveland area this year. Then again, haven't been to many games, so essentially just going on results and word of mouth.

What does everyone else think? Seems like Lake is solid, and Ignatius, Ed's, and US should all be tough to beat come March.

One consensus I did get from a lot of people I talked to is that Toledo St. John is the team to beat in the state.


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Updated scores:

SE 1, Walsh Jesuit 3

Meadville Tourney:

SE 3, Upper St. Clair 1
SE 7, Meadville 1
SE 11, North Hills 0
SE 3, Northview 2
SE 5, St. Ignatius 6 (OT)


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You don't have to have a great long-term memory to recall a top-rated Ignatius team with three wins over Ed's dropping the ball, er, puck against the Eagles in the state tourney. Was that only two years ago?


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Should be a good one if Holy Name takes care of business tomorrow night. A rematch of a shocker last year when the Green Wave upset the Eagles in the same round. Holy Name has built a nice program over the last few years and are really looking at taking the next step, Ed's has sustained success but have not won a state title since 2008, although have made the state finals twice since then.


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Holy Name leads all-time series (as far as I know) 2-0:

2/27/2013 Holy Name 3 St. Edward 2 OT (districts)
1/31/2014 Holy Name 3 St. Edward 2