Southwest Ohio District Records have been updated


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Just to be clear what we're talking here are the follwing districts considered. In DI there are two: Mason and Ross, In DII and DIII there is one district at New Richmond. There were eight new records for boys across all divisions and three new records for girls. New record set in 2023 are highlighted in yellow.
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So not all of Southwest Ohio. Post is a little misleading. Southwest Ohio Districts are more than cincinnati. :)
No. Cincinnati-based SW Ohio district meets.

Yours truly did the research to create these documents. 4000+ hours involved over many years. The Mason D1 & Wayne D1 meets can trace their lineage directly back to the original SW Ohio district Class A meets that were held at Old Miami Field in Oxford, from the 1923 through 1933 seasons. That meet, which included Class B teams as well, involved SW Ohio ranging from Cincinnati out to Brown County, all the way up to Bellefountaine, and westward to the Indiana state line. In 1934, those meets split into the SW Ohio Northern section held at the old U.D. Stadium (no longer in existence...Welcome wasn't built until the late 40s), and the SW Ohio Southern section. I've got the whole history of the Cincinnati-based meet dates/locations, etc., etc., that I'm compiling into one document for each of the now 4 districts (Mason D1/Ross D1/NR D2 & D3). The Mason D1 is the one that can trace its meet records all the way back. The Ross D1 was created in 1959 as a split of the old Class AA meet for Cincinnati. That meet didn't carry any meet records forward from the pre-1959 era; however, Mason did. The current New Richmond D2 & D3 meets were created in 1971 when OHSAA split in 1971 into three classes from the old two class system. Their records were a partially new and partially from the old small school (Class A) system in existence from 1957-70. Prior to that, the small schools were classified as Class B from 1921-1956 under OHSAA.

Regarding the now Wayne/Troy/Piqua meets, I do have them in my long-term target range for documenting those meets. Dayton used to be the powerhouse in track and field until industries moved out of Dayton in the 1980s and decimated a lot of the school systems through consolidation and reduced tax bases.

Note: Regarding the research, I did receive help with respect to specific schools for certain meets. Some of those involved from Yappi were lane4 & Lancermania. To them and others, umpteen zillion thanks are due.
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