Southwest District Finals


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In defense of East, they beat Walnut Hills (6) and then Milford (5). According to the seeds they didn't do much different on Monday than they did on the Thursday prior. Maybe you're underestimating East and even overestimating Milford. Watching the game Monday I didn't see a significant difference in talent on the field.
They hit a rough patch with injuries and players being out in the season. Things came together at the right time and it's good to see teams reach their full potential when it matters most.


Springboro’s goal was by Aiden Crowley, now the most goals in a single season for the Panthers.
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My predictions

Centerville vs. Anderson
Moeller vs. Lakota East
Mason vs. Beavercreek
St. X vs. Springboro

Wyoming vs. Dayton Carroll
CJ vs. McNick
Tipp City vs. Oakwood

Madeira vs. Troy Christian
Seven Hills vs. Casstown Miami East
Jamestown Greenview vs. Mariemont
Botkins vs. Yellow Springs

*** I think for D3 Cincy Runs the table against Dayton. I don't think the Dayton teams are technical enough to play the Cincy Teams other than Yellow Springs. ***
Little off on your d3 prediction there.