Softball’s Showcase Culture


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I wish we could go back to a time when people played because they loved the sport. Things are different now. Hopefully it doesn't get pulled too far away and become all about business and scholarships.

Over the past ten years, the game has grown on the field. We have seen the rise of several national level events. We have even seen cash prizes. Just ten years ago the ASA Gold and “A” nationals were the big “nationals” that teams set their sights on. Now teams have choices, and each year the options seem to be growing. From a “Nationals” Perspective you have USA JO Cup, USA A, PGF, Triple Crown and USA Elite Select as viable and top-level competition options. Some of these events are at a fixed location, while others move each year. The point is there are plenty of opportunities across the country to participate in an elite level national event. This does not account for the numerous “regional/national” organizations that host national level events or all the regional national tournaments. All of which can provide good competition and come with a far smaller price tag.


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I too was a softball and baseball coach for some decent teams. The money has gotten huge with some softball teams in Cincy traveling to California and Colorado. It is all in an attempt to get that allusive scholly. Well my daughter is going to OU for nursing school (no way could she play softball although she does play club) and my son is going to pitch for a Juco. I don't think I would change anything.