So Trump wants to cancel the Constitution. GO MAGA


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You cannot support Democracy, America or the Constitution and support this embarrassment.

Says the nut muffin who supported Babbles...lmao

I'm not supporting him in the primary, but should he be the nominee, I'm googling ways to vote for him at least twice in the general!

Good times!


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He s worst president ever and it not even close.Wow you are actually defending him.trump.needs to be convicted.of all the crimes he committed.
They are trying.

Ever wonder why with all the resources available to them and all the "overwhelming evidence" that is claimed, they can't get a conviction?


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The party has become a joke. A lack of courage and honor.

They won't denounce Trump because his comments have been grossly taken out of context.

And what is it with you people and this fetishistic demand that conservatives and republicans denounce what you take out of context? It's bizarre.