Showtime bringing back Dexter


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Oh no, we know how these things go.

Bride of Dexter
Son of Dexter
GHOST of Dexter
Dexter Meets Lector
Tina Fay and Amy Poehler.... Meet Dexter
I Was a Teenaged Dexter

how many episodes is that so far?


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Didn't mean to kill the thread. I'd thought there'd be more interest. I watched it only after it was finished. Wasn't this really popular?


For the first 4 seasons it was consistently rated among the best shows on TV, and Michael C. Hall was annually nominated for best actor. Then the writers left and it went to crap. The ending was almost as bad as Game of Thrones.


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For current showtime shows, “City on a Hill” is really solid. It’s kind of a mixture of every Boston Crime movie ever made, but it’s still good. Kevin Bacon is excellent as a super sleazy corrupt FBI agent.