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For those last minute tax filers like me I’d like to tell you about donating to the Seton SGO if you owe the state of Ohio for 2023. You can get all the details from the link provided above but if your Ohio tax return shows a balance due for 2023 you can make a donation of up $750 ($1,500 for those filing married filing jointly) to eliminate all or a portion of the balance due.

I think you can do the same for Elder or your parish but I think it has to be done through the AoC’s SGO, Seton set up their own SGO making it very easy to donate to them. Since I have ties to Seton, Elder and obviously my parish I would have been happy to donate to any of them but being the lazy bum I am Seton made it very easy on me so I went with them.

For me, I felt much better donating to a Catholic school rather than sending more money to the government. Hopefully those of you who still haven’t filed can take advantage of this program too.
FYI… this donation is reported on line 15 of the 2023 Ohio Schedule of Credits. I used H&R Block software and I entered this credit under Personal Credits:Scholarship Donation Credit.
One more important note from the Seton SGO page: “If you file a married joint return, each taxpayer would need to make their own $750 contribution to claim the maximum of $1,500. Separate acknowledgement letters from Seton will be provided for documentation of your gifts.