Senior Worlds is a Go


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I have no idea if they can go thru with it, but it's a go now. And Jr Worlds, sadly, got canceled. And I'm guessing there'll be some kind of WTT maybe in November. And, I'm not positive Team USA is participating.


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Statement from USA Wrestling. Apparently they will hold a meeting on it tomorrow night. I'm interesting in their timeline. If they have Senior nationals in a month, they will have to have a camp of some kind after that to prep for worlds. Do they just quarantine everyone for a month before at the USOPTC to reduce chances of Coronavirus? What does that mean for college kids, and who will try to make the team? Will Spencer, Yianni, and Gable be there? Will the top guys risk going for it? This would be a great opportunity to send our B-team (thinking something like Spencer/Oliver/IMar/Zahid/Nickal/Gable) to get international experience.

And I'm obviously sad about Junior worlds. It's one of my favorite events every year, and it sucks for those guys who won't be able to compete this year on the youth level. Hopefully all four tourneys will be back to normal next year.
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