Russell Westbrook


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Is there a more polarizing NBA basketball player in the last 15 years than Russell Westbrook? I mean, his accomplishments are impressive.

On the good side...
Career ave. 23 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 8.5 APG, actually plays MORE minutes now than he ever has.

On the bad...
43% shooter, 30% 3 pt. shooter, 4 turnovers per game.

And this is one of the traps of NBA basketball, in a 48 minute game, guys who get enough minutes will put up numbers, it's inevitable.

And the think you like about Westbrook is he plays hard. In a league where effort is always questioned until the playoffs, there are few guys who put it out there every night like he does. But does he help you win?


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First player I thought of when I saw this the other day. If you play a lot and touch the ball a lot, especially with the consistent effort he gives, you will get stats.

I respect the day-to-day effort that Westbrook gives and put it up against anyone in the league, especially so-called star players, but at this point in his career he certainly does not help you win. He is one of few common threads throughout this current Lakers season, and he has negative RAPTOR and WAR ratings that are respectively only 6th and 8th among the Lakers roster.