Rules Committee proposes progressive targeting penalty and instant replay changes


Go Buckeyes
The committee, chaired by Stanford coach David Shaw, proposed a progressive penalty for those student-athletes who receive a second targeting foul in the same season. In addition to being disqualified from that game, the player would be suspended for the team’s next contest.


The committee proposed a tweak to the overtime rules. If a game reaches a fifth overtime, teams would run alternating 2-point plays, instead of starting another drive at the opponent’s 25-yard line. This recommendation is being made to limit the number of plays from scrimmage and to bring the game to a conclusion.
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They need to totally revamp college OT.

Have the teams start at midfield if they are dead set on not playing the game as intended.

Also need to change the targeting rule because many times tossing these guys is just over the top.


Socially Distant, as always
Without tiering the "targeting call" better, the targeting penalty is too harsh already. Bad proposal.


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bets on how many safeties are remaining after game five? The penalty "targets" particular positions and most of these I observe penalized are incidental, speed of the game hits. Creating a seasonal mandate just doesn't seem well thought out.