Rob Manfred Says MLB Will Likely Introduce Automated Strike Zone System in 2024


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It appears the future of Major League Baseball will include an automated strike zone system.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. that robot umpires "will likely be introduced" in 2024.

"One possibility is for the automated system to call every pitch and transmit the balls and strikes to a home plate umpire via an ear piece. Another option is a replay review system of balls and strikes with each manager getting several challenges a game," Van Natta wrote.

If you have the ability to be 100% accurate, not sure why it's not already in place...


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Whatever they do will be better than the way it's been,can't wait to see it.


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How will the automated system be 100% accurate?
Twemty-one near-sighted umpires sitting in NY will fully discuss and vote up or down on the automated system's calls. Unanimous votes will either confirm or disaffirm the system's call. Votes that are not unanimous will void the system's call and the pitch count will remain the same as before the pitch.

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I agree. We should get rid of reviews too. Anything other than the umpires own eyes should have no place in baseball.
I agree with this. I liked the idea at first but I’ve grown to hate the reviews. Maybe give each team 1 per game that will end some of the meaningless delays.


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I feel the robo umps will be a huge advantage to the pitchers. There are so many high strikes that are not called that will be called with the robo umps.