RIP Brian Keck


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Got news last night that former Ohio State Champion Padua High School and Junior College National Champion Cuyahoga Communitty College wrestler Brian Keck passed away. This dude was huge in the wrestling community running many huge tournments in Iowa the Preseason Nats and the Turkey Nats. He was a great senior level wrestler, wrestling Greco and Freestyle. The wrestling world lost a good one. Brian had a passion for the sport and was an amazing teammate. RIP prayers.


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From Bill Splete...

“Thank you for posting Jeff... It's at a time like this that I feel regret. The man I knew as Brian Keck was a tough, hard-working, kind and almost gentle person with the way he smiled and made you feel good. I have not seen or spoken to Brian in decades, but that speaks to who he was. He left a wonderful impression on me as a young person and I followed his success. He was a very kind person and as a wrestler, he was not, He was tough, not dirty, but that typical late 80s tough handed grinder, real physical person. But I keep going back to how nice he was, fun and it is a testament to one's character when they can be remembered as tough and kind, a rare breed. He was confident and humble, he made an impression on me and I regret not telling him. Though at times in this sport we pass guys through our workouts, training, and being on teams together and today we get the news that we have lost a good one... a teammate. I will take time today to think about those men of character, like Brian, that I have crossed paths with that made an impression on me beyond how they competed. In the end, if the world says that's a good person, then in fact you are, and Brian you were a Good Person!”