RFK thinking about running for the Democratic nomination


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Familiar name could return to New Hampshire campaign trail, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits​

This has been reported on several outlets this evening. Remains to be seen if there is an there,there.

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On Friday, another potential long shot Democratic hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., appeared at the New Hampshire National Politics Institute for their "Politics and Eggs" speaker series, an event that historically draws notable political figures, including potential presidential hopefuls.

Kennedy, an activist, attorney and self-described "lifelong Democrat" and son of one of America's most famous families, has in recent years stirred controversy for his support of conspiracies about the COVID-19 vaccines, garnering support from some unlikely bedfellows on the right.

At Friday's event, Kennedy said, "I'm thinking about it," when asked about his 2024 aspirations, according to WMUR's Adam Sexton.

"RFK Jr. could jump into the Republican primary for president, and only DeSantis and Trump, I think, would do better," former Trump adviser Steve Bannon recently said on MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's streaming program, Lindell TV.


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Is he LGBTQIA2SWTF? Does he identify as African-American? Has he had a stroke? What exactly qualifies him for federal office?


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America’s #1 anti-vax kook…no thanks.

Proponent of the debunked “theory” (pre Covid) that vaccines cause autism.
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