Retro Playoffs: 2002

It's pretty simple, how do you think a playoff would have played out in 2002?

2002 BCS Top 4:
1. Miami (12-0, Big East Champ)
2. Ohio State (13-0, Big Ten co-Champ)
3. Georgia (12-1, SEC Champ)
4. USC (10-2, Pac 10 co-Champ)


USC vs Miami would have been a great game. Probably high scoring, but Miami probably wins in the end.

I don't remember much about that UGA team, but OSU's defense was amazing that year so I give them the edge.

OSU vs Miami probably goes bad for OSU with just a week to prepare.

Michael Bluth

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USC was absolutely rolling with Carson Palmer at this point and in Pete Carroll’s second year. They could have beaten Miami. Ohio State beats Georgia. Toss-up between Miami/USC winner and OSU. I’ll pick USC