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If you see something unacceptable on the site, please use the "Report this post to a moderator" feature. It helps me quickly find offensive posts (and posters). The link is in the bottom right of every post. Just click it and it will take you to a form to report the post directly to me.

Today, I placed two users on the moderated list who were continually trashtalking. If you are a fan of soccer and want it to be respected on here, it's important that you report posts so that I can remove users who choose to cause problems. There is alot of interest growing in this forum and it needs to stay at a mature level.

These are the rules for posting on the site:

Rules For Posting
  1. No name calling - please refrain from using derogatory names when in a heated discussion. (idiot, jerk, etc. will not be acceptable)
  2. No swearing - including trying to get around the censor filter with other symbols.
  3. Negative comments of a personal nature - a person's personal life that does not have any bearing on their sports life should not be discussed.
  4. Posting multiple times in a row - please do not continually respond to your own posts to pad your post total.
  5. "Outing" an anonymous poster - revealing the real identity of a poster is not allowed.
  6. Multiple Usernames - one username per individual, if subsequent usernames are found, they will be deleted without notice.
  7. Derogatory Usernames - usernames that are chosen to degrade someone/something else are unacceptable. They will be deleted without warning.
  8. Stalking - stalking would be defined as following another user around and harrassing them in threads that they post in. Basically, if someone is having a problem with someone and they resort to looking for every post they make so they can confront them about other issues is becoming troublesome.
  9. Hijacking - hijacking a thread is defined as taking any topic over and changing the subject and debating something new. This has always been a reason for threads to be locked, deleted, or split. But if a pattern continues where one or more posters choose to continue doing this, then some form of censoring their opinions is bound to happen.
  10. Habitual Trash Talking - this falls under stalking and hijacking but deserves it's own rule. This is when a user continually trash talks about the same team(s) and offers no other insight. Following other users around and disrupting threads out of spite for another team will no longer be tolerated. Some trash-talking is inevitable when it comes to sports but should be limited.
  11. Spamming - posting links to other websites that are for personal gain. Linking to a news article or a fun interesting website is fair game . Posting a link to your own website or a competitor with the intention of earning money or driving people to a competitor is not acceptable.
  12. Trolling - A troll is deliberately crafted to provoke others with the intention of wasting their time and energy. A troll is a time thief. To troll is to steal from people. That is what makes trolling heinous. Trolls can be identified by their disengagement from a conversation or argument. They do not believe what they say, but merely say it for effect. Trolls are motivated by a desire for attention by people and can't or won't acquire it in a productive manner.
Why was the Milford vs. Fairfield post removed? just wondering because it was there and when i came back it was gone!
I started deleting all the inappropriate posts until I got to the point that it was just easier to delete the whole thread. Feel free to start another thread about it if you wish...
a lot of the finneytown people need to lay off of northwest forreal!! if you think they are horrible and dont care THEN DO NOT POST ABOUT THEM!!! its that simple
where do you rate northwest

Please shut down the "where do you rate northwest" thread.

The comments that are being posted there are not needed in this forum and this forum should not be used for people to just bash on each other.

Personal data being stated in the posts

Sports10 in the "OESA Director of Coaching" is putting personal data in the thread about other people and providing information that is sensitive. Please correct! Thanks.
There is a cup player(I'm sure there not proud) CuP GrEN is his posting name is now making accusations about 13yr old girls.This should be removed immediatley.
Please remove the post by HShighschoolmensa under the Boys Soccer - CUP U18 Black post. He has posted personal information about a coach and it is not appropriate, see " sleeping with the enemy" comment.
Browsing through Yappi, I found that my post yesterday, somehow offended with my comment "sleeping with the enemy", a play on the title of the movie with Julia Roberts, so titled the same. I can't think of anyone I personally referred to in my post. What I was alluding to was that these two clubs have been embattled since Ohio Elite emerged on the scene. It was both Sycamore and Lakota (now CUP) who were the most vocal about their opposition to Ohio Elite. All I was referring to was that if indeed this merger takes place - it would reach the pinnacle of irony; it was a simple play on words. I'm not sure how that offended anyone. Cincy, if that somehow offended you, please accept my apology. However, I think you misread the post.
That's a fair statement Mensa and I will take you at your word. If you knew about a lot of the "players" between the two clubs you know why I was upset. I'm glad that wasn't the point of your reference.
You have a Sycamore player taking it too personally that I said their team was a disappointment this year finishing 5th in the GMC and wants my posts removed and threatened to report me, so I am reporting myself. It is on the "Sycamore upsets Mason" thread.
"But it was alright, everything was alright, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."
Please take down the MVC forum. They are talking negative about children and naming names and do not even know the true story.
SDC off topic

Please remove or block off topic subjects related to high school students that were on the Summit Country Day School soccer team that are no longer on the soccer team due to disciplinary actions by the school. This site is not the place for the inappropriate material being posted around this subject.

Thank you.
SCD off topic 11-03-14

Please remove or block off topic subjects related to a high school student, AS (Austin Smythe) and SCD. Inappropriate posts and replies by existing Yappi members and new.


7Hills vs SCD scouting report
SCD defeats #1 in State Western Reserve Academy

Thank you.