Remember John Cooper and Walter Smith?


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Hard to believe it was 24 years ago that a Michigan player vowed to get the OSU head football coach fired:

Fast-forward to today - now a former player has vowed to get Jim Harbaugh fired from his head coach position at U of Mich - except the player has no college connection to Michigan:

I remember that 1994 game. I was sitting above the visitor's locker room entrance. When the Wolverines came our way for halftime, Walter Smith (in street clothes) came dancing and bopping his way in, and decided he was going to give us all the bird with both fingers. He did the same coming out for the second half. Brave little punk.

But then in the 3rd quarter, a streaker came out of the south stands (OSU student section), stopped at midfield to turn to the Michigan bench and flashed a pseudo-Heisman pose, and kept going.

When I saw that, I was like Tom Hanks in "A League Of Their Own". I looked at my wife with an evil grin and kept saying "We're gonna win - we're gonna win!". And John Cooper did notch his first victory against the Wolverines that day.

P.S. BTW, Michigan coach Gary Moeller was terminated at the end of the season. Smith's bold ( if idiotic) goal of getting a head coach fired that year came true after all.


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Well, Cooper did get fired basically because of his record against Michigan so its not too far off from his edict.


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thavoice, you're a generous soul. Six years later is pretty far off to give Smith any credit for it.

But yeah, losing to Michigan consistently was a big part of Cooper getting fired after the 2000 season.


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Cooper should not be allowed North of the Ohio River,he still is terrible on his analysis of a football game.