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You're right but you also haven't been following this one closely. This is really an attack on Hedge Fund managment and the manipulation they've been getting away with for years.
I’ve been following it, a lot of retail nobodies are losing money they can’t afford. And you’re cheering them on. I just hope you have skin in the game. Also, I’m not sure where you are getting the short interest numbers, but it’s ~30% now.

gneiss rocks

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Anyone see the premiums over spot on physical silver since redit started saying buy... around 6 $ on generic bars, ASE's are over10$


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A little slow to point this out but Dogecoin is inherently tied to Litecoin (not going to go into all the detail to explain why Google it if you really care) so I think Litecoin is due for a bit more of a rise in short order

doge started as a joke but it has staying power as the ultimate meme imo