R.I.P. Frank Robinson


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Tim Kurkjian pretty well sums up Frank Robinson-

"Robinson is one of the most underrated superstar players ever to play the game."

"With that 1966 season, Robinson became the first — and remains the only — player to win the MVP in both leagues. He also finished third in the MVP voting twice, fourth twice and in the top 10 a total of 10 times. He made 13 All-Star teams. He won National League Rookie of the Year in 1956, hitting .290 with 38 home runs at age 20 for the Reds. And while he never led his league in a Triple Crown category other than in 1966 when he managed it in all three, he led his league in slugging percentage, OPS and OPS+ four times, including three years in a row (1960-62). And he led his league in runs scored three times, in being hit by pitches seven times and in intentional walks four times."

He was the first African-American manager in Major League Baseball and the only player to win MVP in both leagues. He is 10th on the career home run list with 586. His 10-year stay with the Reds that included a 1956 Rookie of the Year award, the 1961 MVP and a Gold Glove.

The guy sure was a player. He seems to be left out of a lot of greatest player discussions. I understand he could be a little difficult which may have damaged his legacy. He was winding down just as a took up an interest in sports as a kid, but I'll never forget his opening day hit homer as player/manager for the Indians in 1975.


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Just one of those players that was fun to watch,him and Vada were a few of my favorites growing up.RIP Frank Robinson.


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I was a touch too young to remember Frank on the Reds. Became a Reds fan in 1970 and remember Frank and Brooks Robinson beating us in the World Series. He made me cry (I was 7). RIP Frank.