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LOL You have no idea how many times that has been used on me!
Also people look at me like I'm streaking or something and seem a bit startled. One time some kids (drunk?) went along side of me for quite a while screaming all sorts of goofy things.

I'm sure one day, I'll just stop.
It’s quite odd.


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I do the same thing with can labels and towels. I have several OCD-type quirks. Mostly, I just like to be organized. I can't stand disorganization.

Another OCD behavior: I organize the currency in my wallet (front to back), from smallest to largest bills...ones in the front, then fives, all the way to hundreds in the very back...obverse always facing out. (Yes, I still carry and use currency). Plus, I hate wrinkled or curled dollar bills and I straighten them out...even the folded corners.

I have a few others. :)
I do the same with money, but I don’t consider myself ocd at all.