Post-season interview with head coach Bryan Morrow South Gallia High School


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What were your main concerns heading into the 2022 season?
Our biggest concern heading into the season was our team's inexperience. Our roster was underclassmen heavy so we had to rely on several freshmen and sophomores to step up and contribute right away.

What were two or three main goals you set for the 2022 team? Also, did they hit those goals?
Entering our 1st season together, our main goals were to have a roster of 30+ players, qualify for the playoffs, and field a JV team. We were able to hit all three of these goals which was the first time any of them had been achieved since at least the 2017 season.

What were the high and low points of the 2022 season?
The high point of our season came after week 6. We were riding a four-game winning streak and were executing well in all three phases. The lowest point in our season came after our loss to East in the playoffs.

After two-a-days were all over, which player stuck out the most, and why?
It is hard to pick only one guy that stuck out the most. But at that time, I remember being really impressed with Tanner Sanders. Anytime #29 touches the football he is a threat to take it for six. He has the speed to run past you and the strength to run over you. We are excited to see what he accomplishes in the next 2 years after earning All-Ohio this season as a sophomore...

After winning four games in a row, South Gallia would drop their final five. What were the biggest reasons for this?
We definitely didn’t finish the season the way we would have liked, losing our final five games. We knew going into the season that the back part of our schedule was going to be tough. All the credit goes to Waterford, Eastern, Southern, Trimble, and East. They were talented, well-coached teams that executed better than us on those nights.

Do you think online ticket sales only affected the size of the crowds?
It's hard to say whether it affected the size of the crowds or not. We had a good turnout for our playoff game so it wasn’t something that affected us. With that being said, I could see it hurting some as the process isn’t as simple as buying at the gate anymore. I think the important thing for programs and athletic departments going forward is to make sure their fanbase is aware and guided on how to purchase the tickets online.

What are your thoughts on 16 teams per region making the playoffs?
Right now I think it’s good that more teams get to experience the playoffs that otherwise wouldn’t. However, over the next couple of years qualifying for the playoffs won’t be viewed as an accomplishment as it has in the past. Instead, it will just become the expectation for nearly all programs. We were excited our program qualified this season but getting in with a 4-6 record wasn’t something we were satisfied with.

If anything, what would you go back and change from the 2022 season?
Sure there are always going to be certain situations, drives, and games that we’d like to have a do over. But looking at the big picture, I wouldn’t change anything. Last season was a learning experience for myself, our staff, and our players. Building a successful program doesn’t happen overnight. The adversity we faced and handled throughout the season will only serve as a stepping stone to get us to where we expect to be as a program.

What did you learn most about your players during the 2022 season?
The biggest thing we learned about our guys during the season was they were not going to give up. They were competitors. Anytime a team goes on stretches of wins and losses, you worry about how they will handle it. Throughout the season our players approached every game expecting to win and continued to battle regardless of the scoreboard.

Can you share which of your seniors will be moving on to play college ball and list the schools they will be playing for?
We do not have any seniors moving on to play college football.