Portsmouth to host Reds Throwback Game


Go Buckeyes
This Sunday, the Portsmouth Picked 9 will host the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Red Stockings 1869 team in an exhibition similar to that which was played 150 years ago in the Reds first innagural season. This exhibition game is completely open and free to the public and will be played with rules that reflect exactly how baseball was played a century and a half ago.
During the Reds (then called the Red Stockings) innagural season as a professional baseball team in 1869, the Red Stockings took a trip across the country which saw them go undefeated and play against some of America’s best teams. During that 1869 season, the Red Stockings defeated the Riverside of Portsmouth BBC by a slim margin of 40-0. Nearly 150 years to the day the two clubs went against each other, the modern day iteration of the Red Stockings and the Portsmouth Picked 9 will do battle with old-school rules similar to when the Red Stockings took their undefeated campaign across the U.S.
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