Polls, scores and updates?

Wiliam Wallace

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Good evening, new member here. Where does everyone go to get girls soccer updates? I currently pull up the D1 conferences, but I’m hoping there’s a better, more complete way. Any suggestions?

Empty CUP

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I have the 8 area conferences bookmarked and click through to see standings and stats. CHL, GGCL, ECC, GMC, GWOC, SWBL, MVC, SWOC. 2-3 clicks away and you can see everything. You can also see the coaches that are terrible at updating the teams scores and stats, and the ones that are really good at it.

Plus I follow a lot of the parents of the East side schools from CUP, Hammer, TFA and OE friends and coaches who are or have been patients of mine on twitter and facebook. TFA is really pretty good about updating anything their players and their H.S. teams do.


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The Enquirer used to have a decent HS sports setup for one stop shopping on schedules, scores, stats, and polls. That is either a) gone for good or b) impossible to find now.

I also have bookmarked the conferences mentioned above including the GCL-COED.