Pitino to UGA????


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I would not be shocked to see Pitino coach again, nothing shocks me anymore. Bruce Pearl still coaches. We have many guys with checkered pasts still coaching.


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Wouldn't surprise me. Look how many of these disgraced coaches show up at traditionally challenged programs.


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I'm very happy to hear that Tom Crean has accepted the Georgia job. Crean is a good coach and a man of integrity, not a given in today's college sports environment.
Crean basically rebuilt Indiana's program from the implosion of Kelvin Sampson era. Crean won 2 big ten titles in the last 5 years he was at the school. Unrealistic IU fans ran him off and Archie Miller is finding out it's not going to be smooth sailing in Bloomington.


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Plenty of enough talent in state for Indiana to be good.

On that same note Georgia isnt a bad state for recruiting in basketball. I expect Crean to make the tourney more often than Fox did at UGA. Pressure and expectations are much lower and has Kirby Smart and football catching most of the attention. Seems like a better fit for him.


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It was in Matta's contract if he was fired, Matta would still get paid but he had to look for employment in good faith.
If Matta wants to get back into coaching, I don't think he can get too picky too much longer. He got paid this year by Ohio State, and can do that again for another two years before his contract payments run out.

However, who is going to want a 52-53 year old coach with health issues, and will have been out of coaching for three years at that point? Perhaps Thad was just going through the motions of fulfilling his end of the "good faith" agreement, and he has no real plans to get back into coaching?