Pickerington North vs. Westerville North


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25-20? WN
25-22? WN
15-25 PN
22-25 PN
13-15 PN

Some of those scores might be a couple off but as you can see, it was a dogfight. We played our butts off but i think experience cost us late in the game to overcome their rallies.

I take my hat off to Pickerington North, they battled back and took it to us. THE most exciting game of volleyball I have ever played was tonite and im not one bit upset about losing to these guys.

All of their players backed up their game, and especially the ones I dogged on earlier. Way to step up and play guys, it was a heck of a match and cant wait to play at your place, should be a barnburner.

I talked a lot about this game and said we could back it up and I think we did. We played our butts off and came close, but close didnt cut it. We have things to work on, but we will be back and ready to compete further.

heck of a match Pickerington North, good luck the rest of the way.
In another thread didnt you say that you should be a lot better because of experience? JW

Yea lol, as an overall team, but they have a team full of seniors who have been playing 4 years I believe. Even though we have a lot of seniors on our team, we are still fairly young because not everyone has played 4 years.

Dont take it as an excuse tho, Pickerington played their butts off and handed us another loss. Props to them.