Pick North got cheated

Ahhh, the irony!

I suggest to Yappi and Moderators if someone is accusing one being an idiot, but do not know correct form you're/your, ban there candy es for a week

Let's see if anyone catches another irony from my post. Their'll be a quiz
your poor attempt at irony is it should be their not there.
I agree. I think he had it, made a football move and came down in control.
The only football move he made was falling to the ground and NOT control the ball.


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What did the scoreboard say? If you believe all the hype about your team and all the DJRS 7v7 fluffers then it shouldn’t have come down to that one play. Just ball out baby!!! Right?
I was laughing at your comment in jest. The game is over now. Try to relax Rudy.
It's a pic of UA not controlling the ball in triple OT. Pick Central has whipped on so many programs the haters are everywhere. I understand you can't accept facts.
But Zach Fleer, Darren Gammell, and 270 Gridiron ride your team nonstop. You have the best workout and scrimmage highlights to hype up your players and all their college visits. You’re already state champs if you ask them
I love the new members that pop up this time of year!

Damn, it wasn't even a close game. Those bribed refs made a 19 point difference. He has to be telling the TURTH, right? LMAO.
Lmaooo your an idiot you werent at the game so how are you gonna tell me what happen you big dummy🤡