Passing of a wrestling legend Mark Zimmer


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RIP Mark

My son wore his Mark Zimmer 4x State Champ shirt every single day it seemed after meeting him at Desales for Senior Night.


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Mark Zimmer was phenomenal! A great individual on and off the mats. A very amazing family..
Prayers and thoughts to Mark Zimmer and his family.


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I saw Zimmer win his 3rd and fourth... what a buzz it was at St John’s on his fourth. He was a real superstar!!! I was in like 7th grade , and I still remember the audience and the standing ovation and purple. He did what no one had ever done before... we all were so impressed
I will retell the story of an actual conversation between my coach, a teammate, and me during the 1979 Catholic Invitation Tournament. We had seen a few Zimmer matches in the tournament (he would win the 119 pound weight class in dominating fashion), and we were watching St. Ed's 126 pounder Dan Foldesy take apart another wrestler in what was essentially a take-down clinic.

Teammate: "Man, that Foldesy is slick on his feet. God!"

Me: "Who do you think would win between him and Zimmer?"

Coach: "It would be a great match -- very competitive."

Teammate: "Zimmer and Foldesy?"

Coach: "No -- Zimmer and God."

Although I did not know him personally, I am glad I got to see him wrestle. By all accounts, he was also a very nice guy. R.I.P.