Old School


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Those old high schools that history will forget:

Canton Lincoln High School
Lincoln Lions
Maroon and Gold
1926 until 1976



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Started school in Point Place at Kleis Elementary. Not even sure when it was torn down but it no longer exists.

Then finished elementary and started junior high in Risingsun, where that school no longer exists.


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In West centrak Ohio. Former Mac schools Mendon union. Got absorbed by Celina and parkway. Their gym was so small that when the three point line was out in it was not wide enough to shoot a corner three


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To be honest Scott and Waite (same design), Libbey, and DeVilbiss are/were awesome examples of architecture for the age. Big and imposing. All 4 had dynamite stadiums at one point as well. Waite's Mollenkopf Stadium is all that remains.


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No kidding? My Ma went to Whitney and the sperm donor was a proud graduate of Robinson Jr. High. But we did live on the Eastside.
Yep-mom grew up in the shadow of the Hi-Level bridge on Miami Street. Dad was more south off Dorr Street.