OHSBCA Podcasts


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The OHSBCA has started a podcast to get us through this idle time (and hopefully they continue doing it after all this is over). It's definitely a simple, low-cost production, but their first 2 episodes were short and sweet, and I really enjoyed the content.

Podcast #1: https://us04web.zoom.us/rec/play/vccpI-r6rGk3HoaRtASDVKR4W47pKaOs1idI8vsNnh3gUiNSY1OhY7RHN7ESCiBB6P_agebL28_cyuJK
Features Tom Neubert (Columbus St Francis DeSales) and Ray Hamilton (Lakota East)

Podcast #2: https://us04web.zoom.us/rec/play/tcUrI-2vrDo3T9WdswSDBfd9W47uJ_-s2ycX-vdcnh7nAXdSY1P1Y7BDZ-fXrIE883-i0TuPSGzjYdvl
Features Bill Gamble (Massillon Jackson)