OHSAA NWO division realignment


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In today’s Toledo Blade 22 NWO coaches were interviewed about realignment. Of course of the 3 that opposed it, 2 of which are Perrysburgs Boys and Girls coaches. It’s anyone’s guess how they will break this down, but Perrysburg currently sits 50th in girls enrollment and 60th in boys. There are about 200 division 1 schools so theoretically if they cut D1 into two divisions they will be stuck in D1 along with Whitmer, Findlay, Anthony Wayne.
St Johns is the last team to voice opposition. They sit at 96/200 so they would likely stay up as well.

It’s comical that those are the schools voicing opposition. They won’t be able to play the Ashlands, Tiffin Columbians, Wapakonetas or Madison Comprehensives in their sectionals anymore. I would assume instead the District will expand to include some of the Big schools out east. Going to have to coach your way out now, fellas! Best of luck.

*Toledo Bowsher and Toledo Start are also in the group that would most likely stay up.