OHSAA It's Time To Let Us Know Your Plans, The 'Clock' Is Ticking


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They just need to make it official NOW. With the USA president now saying to social distance the his claimed "not as bad as the common flu" til April 30, the OHSAA is just allowing athletes to still meet unsupervised and do drills together with a false sense of hope.
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I'd say if they are meeting unsupervised and doing drills together...they are part of the reason for the cancellation. Great parenting!


I don't think there will be a season but why do they have to make a decision now. What really is the harm in waiting for 2-3 more weeks before making a decision? I think starting something even May 1st could get a partial season in especially for the seniors.

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For the 1000th time, what good does it do to cancel the entire season right now? There is no prize for which state association cancels spring sports first. As Snodgrass mentioned last week, if they cancel things right now, then it's not like anyone is in a position to move on to other activities. Once the decision is made to cancel, there's no going back on it. I'm not saying a miracle is going to happen in this case, but something may happen that alters the entire picture by May 1. As it gets closer to April 30, make the next appropriate move.