Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

Michigan is who we thought they were, they suck.

OSU at the horseshoe would beat Illinois by at least 3 TDs.
This game had trap written all over it when schedule came out. One would have hoped team would have come out accordingly....especially after what just happened before them
Am I crazy that I think Miyan has become the better back? Or is it just playcalling issues?
He's certainly been better this year.

Henderson looks like he's still hurt to me. Slow to burst, reluctant to contact, etc., and they've repeatedly given him slow developing stretch plays requiring more cutting and torque.

He shouldn't be out there if this is what he can give. Completely idiotic, and the run play calling is putting him in no situation to be successful.
What happened to Henderson? He went from looking like one of the best backs in the country to barely a rotational guy.
Now you are going to take needless penalties. Jesus, this team has issues against lesser teams on the road this year. Urban is jealous, he thought he had the market on that