Ohio State Buckeyes 2020


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40 rush attempts minimum between Sermon and Teague. Also Fields needs to use his legs. If you remember last year he was dealing with a bad knee and couldn’t run much. Losing Miller hurts at guard, but I still think Ohio State’s best game plan is to pound the rock.


If the team leans on Fields making plays with his legs like they have in previous big games, then they will lose. Sermon and Teague need to have good games and they need to work the PA and misdirection. Maybe even get the TEs involved.


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Wow that inspires confidence in this referee crew!

Oh and memo to Herb, the helmet hitting the ground is down to.

Amateur night in Peoria! But a big 1st down nonetheless.


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So tell me again why the fools on the playoff committee put TWO ACC teams into the playoffs? Both teams have gotten crushed today.