Ohio Recruiting

Per the Vanguard website, Ian Cowen of Darby has recently committed to Loyola. Also Dejon Clark has been shown to be recruited.

Any idea on where kids are getting recruited by and where they might end up in the junior and senior classes?
Turning and hitting on the second contact probably accounts for 1% of a volleyball match. Setting location accounts for the other 99%. Ill take location
Ohio recruiting

Both are very good. Eichel is a better leader, server, and hitter. Cowan has he better hands. Both are solid blockers and run the offense well.

I always hear talk about hitters and setters, but what about the little guys (ds/lib). Thoughts on returning players? I hear the kid from Beavercreek is good. I have also heard that there is a kid from St. that is a decent all around player.