Ohio Club Rankings

Same clubs as always: westshore, btw, cp, miron, and last yr 216.
Some of this depends on age of your wrestler, but I agree with this...I’d say that was top 5 for last few years—not necessarily in that order. Actually, Brecksville club with Assad right in there also.


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In the central Ohio area for the older wrestlers it has definitely be Miron and Palmer's.

Lou Demas has a small Club to get some good work in and teaches amazing technique. Logan Stieber is in his second year with his Club, it's growing. These two are also in the central Ohio area.


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Titan Wrestling Club
Aurora, OH

Just off the top of my head:
Titan sent 3 full teams- Youth, JH & HS to Virginia Beach for the last 8 or so years.
Titan sent at least 2 full teams to Disney Duals going back a decade or so. (Developmental, Community and/or All-Star Divisions);
Wabash duals trips, King of the Ring trips.
Doesn't matter if you are a hammer or training to be a hammer, you are welcome to go.
If there is an event somewhere, you can usually find Titan wrestlers.