Oak Hills


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Now that their season is over, what is Oak Hills going to do with their coaching position? Is Gramkie coming back or is he going to part ways. I am pretty sure his daughter was on the team but a senior. Seems haven't had a very good year even though they really have a team of very talented individual players.
Well they finished 11-11 overall, won all their non-league games and only got blown out once in GMC. Seems like they were in every game with really one exceptional player (Armfield) and bunch of average kids. Won 4 more games than last year, but you are right, his daughter is a senior so he may be done.


Highlanders are lucky to have Gramke and should pray he stays for a decade more. One family needs to move on...and it isn't his. It's sad.

If you read this stuff, Chris, THANKS for doing a great job!;The girls are lucky to have you.