NW District Assignments Are Out

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Notable changes:
Columbus Grove is hosting a D3 meet.
D1 Girls will now have 2 races.
Where two races are being run for division/gender the teams will be assigned based on seeding race #1 will have 1,3,4,7,8,11,12 ect. Race #2 will be 2,5,6,9,10 ect. Seems to me a team is much better off being #2 seed rather than the #1 seed. 2 seed only has to beat 5,6 to win districts and would have to get beat by 9 or 10 to not go to regional meet. While #1 has to beat 3, 4 to win districts and would have to get beat by 7 or 8 to not go to regional meet.


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I would set it up so that the lower seeds seat themselves and it keeps going until the top seed places itself. If a district fills up, the higher seed boots the lowest seed out of that district into the next most open district. It keeps going until #1 decides where to go. They might pick to be close to home geographically, or they might choose the easiest district competition wise, or they could choose to go to the toughest district competition wise to send a message and maybe send a top team home early so they don't have to worry about them the next two weeks.