Norwalk D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know that it’s early to be posting these, and we don’t know what next season will look like in the fall. Honestly, these are just for entertainment anyway, so I might as well post them during this empty period.

These initially rankings are just last year’s weights with the seniors taken out. I’ll start to move wrestlers around as the off-season progresses.

The freshmen are those listed in Boro Fan’s thread about incoming freshmen. Some were listed with 2 potential schools (and I just took a guess), so let me know if there are any that are mislabeled, or if there are any wrestlers who will be transferring schools.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2nd wrestler ranked from the same team. I’ll rank an extra wrestler at these weights.

1. Tyler Hisey- Memorial (SQ)
2. Logan Cravatas- Buckeye (SQ)
3. Collin Mellot- Wapakoneta (SQ)
4. Billy Smith- Perkins (SQ)
5. Ruben Pina-Corenzana- Firelands (6th district)
6. Frank Depinet- Upper Sandusky
7. Roman Parobek- Ashland
8. Collin Twigg- Wauseon

Freshmen to Watch:
Jacob Ohl- Ontario (2nd middle school state 2019)
Colyn Limbert- Buckeye (5th middle school state 2019)
Jayson Knapp- Buckeye
Nicholas Brunst- Buckeye

1. Damon Molina- Wauseon (SQ)
2. Trevor Hisey- Memorial (SQ)
3. Eddie Pinc- Buckeye (SQ)
4. Gabe Alda- Bellevue (SQ 2019)
5. Trent Proctor- Cleveland C.C. (6th district)
6. Eric Saddler- Brookside
7. Haydn Graffice- Norwalk
8. Colton Campbell- Clear Fork (6th district 2019)

Freshmen to Watch:
Zachary Lopez- Clyde
Kaden Soto- Napoleon

1. Case George- Ashland (SQ)
2. Jayden Mayes- Bellevue (SQ)
3. Max Oprzadek- Perkins (SQ)
4. Cameron Deiter- Bowling Green (SQ)
5. Deandre Darden- Sandusky (5th district)
6. Quinn Sanfillipo- Bay
7. Shane Bianchi- Padua (6th district)
8. Landon Engle- Celina

Freshman to Watch:
Edward Neitenbach- Buckeye

1. Bret Minnick- Columbian (SQ)
2. Isaiah Thomas- Clear Fork (SQ)
3. Claude Buckmaster- Napoleon (5th district)
4. Griffin Adkins- Ashland
5. Francisco Velez- Holy Name
6. Nolan Martin- Buckeye
7. Cory Beach- (Lima) Shawnee
8. Daniel Fields- Bowling Green

Freshmen to Watch:
Cole Dille- Ontario
Benicio Torres- Wauseon

1. Maddox Simcoe- Columbian (SQ)
2. Devin McCarthy- Galion
3. Caiden Walters- Bellevue (5th district)
4. Jameson Mullens- Port Clinton (SQ 2018)
5. Omar Estrada- Napoleon
6. Garret Donovan- Memorial
7. Connor Nagel- Wauseon
8. Keegan Schoen- Perkins

Freshman to Watch:
Chancy Miracle- Clyde

1. J.D. Thom- Perkins (SQ)
2. Emory Pahl- Upper Sandusky (SQ)
3. Lawson Grime- Wauseon (SQ)
4. Justin Smythe- Bellevue (5th district)
5. Mike Kinzel- Bowling Green
6. Conner Douglass- Elida
7. Tyson West- Clyde
8. Preston DiMarco- Buckeye

Freshmen to Watch:
Ty Davis- Wauseon
Chase Studer- Ontario

1. Elijah Hunter- Sandusky (SQ, 3rd state)
2. Max Ray- Bellevue (SQ)
3. Jayden Jones- Ashland (SQ)
4. Connor Twigg- Wauseon (5th district, 6th district)
5. Ryan Healy- Keystone (6th district)
6. Cameron Krueger- Clyde
7. Nino Brunst- Buckeye
8. Daniel Davis- Brookside

Freshman to Watch:
Preston Culver- Upper Sandusky

1. Brody Conley- Columbian (SQ, 4th state)
2. Ethan Turnbaugh- Ontario (SQ)
3. Trevor Badiu- Buckeye (5th district)
4. John Metzger- Ashland (SQ)
5. Logan Catri- Perkins
6. Zaidan Kessler- Wauseon
7. Josh Stanley- Clyde
8. Hunter Hutcheson- Madison Comp.

Freshmen to Watch:
Angelo Seitz- Ashland
Austin Kovar- Wauseon
Dillon Badiu- Buckeye
Joshua Fenton- Clear Fork

1. Nate Barrett- Madison Comp. (SQ)
2. Carter Kroll- Ontario (SQ 2018)
3. Devan Savage-Brown- Bowling Green
4. Angelo Gonzalez- Napoleon (6th district)
5. Jasharein Holliday- Huron (6th district 2019)
6. Carson Ingram- Shelby
7. Matt Marzetti- Clear Fork
8. Owen Grear- Vermilion

Freshman to Watch:
Ian Martin- Wauseon

1. Trent Osborne- Madison Comp. (SQ)
2. Collin Corapi- Bellevue (SQ)
3. Jerome Shaw-Mason- Padua (6th district 2019)*
4. Max Fisher- Galion
5. Mason Saeler- Memorial
6. Jose Moralez- Keystone
7. David Fitzpatrick- Clearview
8. Cade Carroll- Clyde

Freshman to Watch:
Skyler Winters- Shelby

1. Justin Mayes- Bellevue (SQ, 3rd, 7th state)
2. Jakob Beverly- Ashland (SQ)
3. Nick Hickman- Keystone (SQ)
4. Kasean Hatlay- Columbian (5th district)
5. Chris Jackson- Toledo C.C. (6th district)
6. Mason Cover- Bay (5th district 2019)
7. Dylan McCandless- Bryan (6th district 2019)
8. Johnny Black- Cleveland C.C. (6th district 2019)

1. Nathan Zehner- Shelby (6th district)
2. Griffen Novotny- Bay
3. Carter Sharpe- Memorial
4. Evan Straub- Bellevue
5. Dominick Whitesel- Madison Comp.*
6. Travis Bowman- Clear Fork
7. Blake Herbert- Upper Sandusky
8. Dakota Pitz- Ashland

1. Landon Smith- Clear Fork (6th district)
2. Mekhi Bradley- Mansfield Senior
3. Ronald Williams- Benedictine (5th district 2019)*
4. Brock Lyons- Elida*
5. Brock Runner- Perkins
6. Kane Mears- Columbian
7. Tyler Jackson- Toledo C.C.
8. Tarez Russel- Elida

1. Todd Allen- Buckeye (SQ)
2. Jake Bever- Ashland (6th district, SQ 2019)
3. Demitrius Hernandez- Napoleon
4. Nate Hayes-Poole- Ontario
5. Demarion Dennison- Sandusky
6. Luke Moore- Keystone
7. Brock Nunez- Bellevue
8. Christian Hollister- Bryan

Freshman to Watch:
Michael Cannings- Toledo C.C.

1. Bellevue
2. Ashland
3. Columbian
4. Buckeye
5. Perkins
6. Memorial
7. Wauseon
8. Clear Fork

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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You forgot Incoming freshman to watch Aydan Reyes 113 for Galion he’s a OAC State Qualifier this past year. He’s on the updated Boro fan for Galion