NMC Baseball 2021 Tryouts


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NMC Baseball is hosting entirely private tryouts for the 2021 season. We are currently trying out kids at the 10-12u age range. We still have a few roster spots open in each of these age groups.

- We will be training twice per week over the offseason, with 1 day being at NMC Performance in Elyria, and the other being at Pinnacle Sports in Medina.
- The primary focus of this organization is the HEALTHY development of our players.
- The cost will be $1200 (for these age groups) for the entire year with no additional fees or surprise costs.

If you are interested in trying out, please register on our website (listed below) and we will contact you to schedule a private tryout!

Website: https://www.nmcperformance.com/nmcbaseball

Nick Carevic
NMC Baseball