Nike Girls H.S. Invitational in West Chester this weekend


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Where is the Oberling Complex? And maybe I'm reading that wrong, but are you telling me that teams will be playing 3 one hour games in a row on Saturday, like back to back to back? Also, is there is a gate cost to attend?


Olberding Complex- Rialto Rd. east of 747. OE is charging for parking at that complex.
The games don't take 60 minutes; so there will be at least 20 minutes of rest between each.
Yes, the teams have to play three 50 minute games back-to-back, which is unfortunate in this heat. They get a ten minute break between games.
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Not all teams are playing 3 in a row. Some have an hour off between games. Also with the amount of kids that each team brings, it goes quick and keeps all involved. From what I could see most had 20-30 kids and were subbing freely.


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Parking and traffic is atrocious at this complex.
I can only imagine what its like there this weekend. It's a mess on the weekend during the season with just the little kids playing. Thought about going but it was just too hot and didn't feel like dealing with the parking. Ironically I did end up at the FC Cincinnati game somehow lol